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Radio Free Krypton is the only comics radio show broadcast throughout the multiverse. Hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson interview comic creators and talk comics. Broadcast on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.

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    Ep 76: Doomsday Clock: I'm Just a Recton Who Can See the Strings.

    "Doomsday Clock" is a DC comic series that brings characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' classic, "Watchmen," to the universe of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. Justin, Jacob and Mitchell question the premise and examine the book's goal of righting DC's reboot wrongs.

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    Ep 75: Lopping heads with Andrew MacLean

    Hosts Mitchell and Jacob talk to Andrew MacLean, the creator of Head Lopper and Apocalyptigirl, some of the most vivid sci-fi and fantasy comics out in a while. We talk about character creation, Moebius, and where Head Lopper is going in the future.

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    Ep 73: Best Comics of 2017

    Join Justin, Jacob (and eventually Mitchell, thanks to a rocket-launcher-based incident) as we discuss our favourite comics of the year— and mention that we stayed away from superhero comics, then immediately started talking about our favourite superhero comics. Honourable mentions include Emmanuelle Chateauneuf's Queen Street, Guy Delisle's hostage, and Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire's After Death.

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    Ep 72: Taking on "The Last Jedi" with Allison O'Toole and Jason Loo

    The newest Star Wars film, "The Last Jedi," is nothing if not noteworthy. To do it justice, RFK reunites the Star Wars panel, featuring comics editor Allison O'Toole (of Chapterhouse and Toronto Comics Press) and "Pitiful Human-Lizard" creator, Jason Loo. Why did this movie upset so many fans? Where do we go from here? And what does Luke's milk drinking mean for the Wookiepedia page on breasts?

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    Ep 70: Revisiting Toronto's Christie Pits Riot with Jamie Michaels

    In 1933, hundreds in Toronto's Jewish community brawled with Nazi sympathizers in the Christie Pits park after a Nazi flag was unveiled following a baseball game. Eighty-four years later, Jamie Michaels of Dirty Water Comics is working to fund a comic about it. He tells Justin, Jacob and Mitchell about the in-depth research it took to put the story together and the relevance of the riots today.

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    Ep 69: Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum with Iris Robin

    Our hosts (and wonderful guest Iris Robin) attempt to dissect Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, an intriguing and mysterious book where Batman is sent into Arkham to stop another one of the Joker's plots, or is it?

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    Ep 68: A League of Our Own with Iris Robin and Michael D'Alimonte

    Radio Free Krypton spent over a year mentally preparing for "Justice League," but it was still too big threat for them to face alone. Special guests Iris Robin and Michael D'Alimonte answer the call to take on the plot holes, lazy writing and poor characterization.

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    Ep 67: Twisted Dark with Neil Gibson

    Jacob goes solo and speaks with Neil Gibson, the author of Twisted Dark, a huge, thrilling, and incredibly organized series of connected stories. We talk about the books, comic TV shows, and some tips on good comic storytelling.

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    Ep 66: Thor Ragnaroks Our Socks Off feat. Christine Chua

    Former Nerd Goddess Christine Chua joins Justin and Jacob to review "Thor: Ragnarok." With self-aware comedy and a Sailor-Moon style villain, "Ragnarok" gets it right. Remember: the real Asgard was the friends you made along the way.

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    Ep 63: Better on Film—Kingsman, Kickass and the Comics of Mark Millar

    Why are "Kingsman: The Secret Service" and "Kickass" better as movies than comic books? Mitchell, Justin and Jacob analyze the works of prolific writer Mark Millar. He's known for popular books like "Civil War," "The Ultimates" and "Old Man Logan," but does his work hold up?

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    Ep 62: Waiting for a Gritty Underdog Reboot

    Which adorable puppers are the comic world's best? Hosts Justin and Jacob are joined by special guest/pup master Serena Sbrizzi to find out. They riff on Krypto, Hotdog, Marmaduke and Jacob's personal favourite, Underdog. Also listen as Mitchell, Jacob and Justin break down the new Justice League and Star Wars trailers, and question why Marvel is associating with arms dealers who aren't Tony Stark.

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    Ep 61: Zombie Jesus and Jello Biafra with Sam Miserendino

    Comics writer Sam Miserendino takes the old adage of "What Would Jesus Do?" to the next level in his book Prince of Pieces, where Jesus does finally come back to look over his work, and he's not happy. Hosts Jacob and Justin speak with Sam about his book and his unlikely friendship with Punk icon Jello Biafra.

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    Ep 60: This Comic Just Got Real!

    The stories in comics often feature people in colourful tights, but the medium works really well for telling non-fiction stories. From "Pyongyang" to "From Hell," we discuss what happens when comics get real.

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    Ep 59: Shane Heron on Space Fams and Comic Jams

    Shane Heron tells Justin and Jacob how Toronto's amateur comic creators hang out. He also tells them about his upcoming book "Morris," and "Black Hole Hunters Club," the swear-filled sci-fi book he draws.

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    Ep 58: French Canada's Weird Little Comics Universe

    The English market is dominating the comics industry, and Europe has a strong hold on the French side. Where does that leave Canada? Do we try and mimic the bigger industries or just do our own thing? We spoke to store owners and comic creators in Toronto and Montreal to find out the weird, unique state of French Canadian comics.

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    Ep 57: Radio Free Rewind: Life, Death and Existential Crises with Danny Zabbal

    It's a Radio Free Rewind! Listen back in time as Jacob and Justin talk with the writer and artist of "Life, Death & Sorcery" and "Obsolete Heroes," the very funny Danny Zabbal. They discuss comics, existential crises and how geeks are safer now. The first volume of "Life Death & Sorcery" should be out at the end of September.

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    Ep 56: The Ice Storm Cometh with Jon Berg

    Remember the Toronto Ice Storm? Artist and writer Jon Berg made a comic called "Blackout" about that frigid, frosty week. Justin and Jacob talk to him about the benefits of doing comics by hand and printing on nice paper.

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    Ep 55: Batman and Harley Quinn (and Sex and Fart Jokes)

    Superhero sex? Musical numbers? Farting in the Batmobile? The new "Batman and Harley Quinn" animated movie has it all. Special guest Evan Hoffman joins hosts Justin and Mitchell to discuss the film, Harley Quinn as a character, and where DC animation is at.

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    Ep 53: How to Sell Your Comic with Steven Andrews

    So you've made a comic and now you want to sell it. But how? Steven Andrews, production editor for the Toronto Comics Anthology, takes Justin through the process. From pitching your comic to stores, to selling it on consignment, to getting an ISBN number, it's all here.

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    Ep 52: Great Scott (Snyder's Batman)!

    Your cartoon-crazy co-hosts dive deep into Scott Snyder's six-year-long Batman run. With Court of Owls, Death of the Family, Endgame and more, how has Snyder changed the Caped Crusader?

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    Ep 51: Magneto May Have Had a Point

    In this episode, hosts Mitchell and Justin talk about X-Men, the favourite comic team for misfits and Saturday morning cartoon watchers alike.

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    Radio Play: Igs Magnum's Last Stand

    With the radical Robot King closing in, the heroic Igs Magnum initiates his last Radio Free Rewind and travels back in time to July 21, 2016—the day RFK began. He meets the Ghost of Kryptons' Past, who shows Igs highlights from the first year of RFK to teach him the true meaning of comics. Will it be enough to defeat that murderous machine? You won't see the end coming.

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    Ep 50: The One Where We Talk Shop

    Isn't is nifty, RFK's 50! Justin, Jacob and Mitchell discuss the show's past, present and future. What did they learn over the past year and what can they do better?

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    Ep 48: Who Watches Dave Baker's Sh***y Watchmen?

    Justin and Jacob interview American comic-creator and enamel-pin-maker Dave Baker of "Shitty Watchmen," "Fuck Off Squad" and "Action Hospital." They discuss the "Watchmen," creators' rights, Tintin and the beauty of complicated comics.

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    Ep 47: Radio Free Rewind-Get me throwbacks of Spider-Man!

    Spider-Man is everywhere these days! A new comic series by Chip Zdarsky and a new movie with promising early reviews are being released, so we decided to take a step back to our previous conversations with Chip and a long-time Spidey fan, Carl Solis. This episode is webtastic and I'm not very good at puns!

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    Ep 46: Highs and lows of DC Television

    Justin and his brother (and creator of our logo) Nathan talk about Arrow, The Flash, and the rest of the shows that make up DC's TV universe, what works and what doesn't.

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    Ep 45: Writing Life and Loving Manga with Emmanuelle Chateauneuf

    Writer and artist Emmanuelle Chateauneuf talks to Justin and Jacob about her book "Queen Street," which portrays 12 hours in the lives of a mother and her daughter. The book is based on the author's childhood and is influenced by manga she read growing up.

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    Ep 44: Wonder Woman V Sadboys

    DC has released their saving grace in the form of a great female-led-and-directed movie, Wonder Woman. But was there enough slow motion and moustaches? Tune in to find out.

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    Ep 43: D&D, Marvel and Freelance with Jim Zub

    Tune in as Justin and Jacob speak to local comic sensation Jim Zub about writing comics for Dungeons and Dragons, reviving one of Canada's oldest comic book heroes, and getting Marvel homework.

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    Ep 40: Just Put Jonathan Rotsztain in the Metro Already.

    In our 40th episode, our hosts speak with artist and cartoonist Jonathan Rotsztain about his Dreary Diary comic series, as well as his campaign to get his comic series about handing out Toronto's Metro published in the newspaper.

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    Ep 39: Star Wars Day Debate feat. Allison O'Toole, Danny Zabbal and Jason Loo

    In honour of Star Wars Day, Justin, Jacob and Mitchell host a Star Wars debate. Fighters include canvas doublet wearer and "Life, Death & Sorcery" creator Danny Zabbal, "The Pitiful Human-Lizard" creator and Wedge-head Jason Loo, and Allison O'Toole, Bail Organa fan and editor for the Toronto Comics Anthology and Chapterhouse.

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    Ep 38: Death in Comics/Cap is Still a Bad Guy

    Justin and Jacob discuss death in comics with Sid Drmay, then chat about the evil Captain America (who may not be what you think) and "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2." Turns out Jacob hates Baby Groot.

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    Ep 36: Telling our Stories: Immigrant Women's Resilience

    This week, Jacob speaks with editor Krittika Ghosh about Telling Our Stories: Immigrant Women's Resilience, a comic anthology about the experiences of immigrant women. Krittika tells us about the book, as well as the scoop on the state of Archie Comics in India.

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    Ep 35:The economics of webcomics with Built to Play

    Daniel Rosen and Arman Aghbali, hosts of video game podcast Built to Play, take over RFK this week to talk about the economics of creating webcomics with author Matt D. Wilson.

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    Ep 33: Taking on Toronto ComiCon

    Justin, Jacob and Mitchell go to Toronto ComiCon! They catch up with Jason Loo, Shawn Daley and Danny Zabbal. They also meet some new people, like Captain Canuck creator Richard Comely and the funny folks at The Daily Cringe Podcast.

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    Ep 30: Lego Batman and the Clone Conspiracy

    Justin and Jacob talk about "The Lego Batman Movie" and the Spider-Man series "Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy." Much clicking and thwipping.

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    Ep 29: Allison O'Toole on Editing Comics

    Justin interviews Allison O'Toole, editor for Chapterhouse Publishing and the Toronto Comics Anthology. She talks about making indie comics and loving weird characters.

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    Ep 25: Non-Cape Comics with Devin Jones

    The hosts talk to the beautifully-bearded Devin Jones about sci-fi series "Saga" and comics for people who don't like superheroes.

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    Ep 24: Campy Comics

    Justin and Mitchell talk about camp and its role on the 1966 Batman show and in modern shows like "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" and "Teen Titans Go."

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    Ep 23: The Comic Book Films of 2017

    Justin, Jacob and Mitchell talk about the movies they're most looking forward to in 2017. I swear we don't interrupt other people as much as we do each other.

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    Ep 22: The Best and the Rest of 2016

    For RFK's end of year show, Jacob and Justin discuss 2016's hits and misses. Stay safe and warm this holiday season!

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    Ep 21: Doctor Who with More or Les

    Justin, Jacob and Mitchell talked to rapper More or Les about Doctor Who and Toronto hip-hop. I hope you brought your sonic screwdriver, because we went deep.

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    Ep 20: Journalists in Comics with Sid Drmay

    RFK discusses the best and worst journalists that comics have to offer. Sidney Drmay guest hosts. Featuring Lois Lane, Peter Parker and Spider Jerusalem.

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    Ep 18: Rap and Comics with Wordburglar

    Justin, Jacob and Mitchell interview rapper and writer Wordburglar about the Toronto rap scene and his comic "The Last Paper Route."

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    Ep 17: Queer Comics with Sid Drmay

    Justin, Jacob and Mitchell bring in special guest Sid Drmay to discuss how different sexualities are interpreted in comics.

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    Ep 16: Chip Zdarsky: The Sexy Mr. Svenson

    Jacob and Justin interview Chip Zdarsky about his work on "Sex Criminals," "Jughead," and "Howard the Duck," as well as his double life. It's sure to make you chuckle.

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    Ep 15: Spooky Scary Comics

    Your co-hosts get spooky and scary in honour of Halloween. It's horror comics galore featuring "Preacher," "Walking Dead" and "From Hell."

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    Ep 14: Comics Fight Live!

    For RFK's first ever live show, we challenged ourselves to a good old-fashioned comics fight. Tune in as hosts Jacob and Justin square off with Sid Drmay in a battle of wits. A hulking good time!

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    Ep 13: Luke Cage and Marvel's Netflix lineup

    Hosts Justin and Jacob talk about Luke Cage, Netflix's newest Marvel series, as well as the history of the character. Tune in if you love John Denver.

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    Ep 11: Lost at Sea with Annie plus Three

    Your ever-loving hosts discuss Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Lost at Sea" and why the Riddler needs your respect. Featuring guest host Annie Arnone.

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    Ep 10: Welcome to the Multiverse

    Wondering what 2016 was like on the Earth where Jacob is taller and better-looking than Justin? Learn about the use of alternate timelines in comics here.

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    Ep 9: Moonshot The Indigenous Comics Collection

    Hosts Jacob and Justin speak with Elizabeth LaPensée, a writer and contributor to Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection Vol 1 and 2, about her work and the state of Indigenous representation in comics and the media.

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    Ep 7: Nathan Boone and The New Frontier

    Listen in as Justin speaks with Nathan Boone about his new short film "Arty" and Darwin Cooke's iconic adaptation of the Justice League in The New Frontier.

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    Ep 6: Toronto Batman Under the Black Hood

    Justin and Jacob speak with Alexander Brovedani, the Toronto Batman, just before his final appearance in the cowl about what he plans to do in retirement.

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    Ep 5: The Killing Joke and Bat Booty

    In our fifth show, we talk about the film "Batman: The Killing Joke." We also discuss the book it's based on. Warning: episode contains Bat-Booty.

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    Ep 3: Batman V. Superman The Ultimately Disappointing

    Our hosts Jacob, Justin and Mitchell (unfortunately) watched Batman V. Superman: The Ultimate Edition. Is it better than the original? Just longer? Are we just waiting for the novelization? Find out.

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    Ep 2: Captain Canuck and Peameal Bacon

    Captain Canuck is more Canadian than bagged milk. In our sophomore episode, our hosts speak to Kalman Andrasovky and Fadi Hakim from the Canadian comic publishing company Chapterhouse about rebooting the iconic hero.

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    Ep 1: Retcons, Reboots and Bouncy Boy

    In the inaugural episode of Radio Free Krypton, hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson talk about the new DC comics reboot, Marvel's Secret Wars and the return of Bouncy Boy.

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