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Radio Free Krypton is a podcast about comics and the people who make them. Hosts Justin Chandler and Jacob Dubé interview comic creators from around the world with a focus on Canadian stories. RFK is broadcast throughout the multiverse and airs first on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto. Editing help by Mitchell Thompson.
***Voted "Best Podcast of 2018" in the CanComicsWiki Awards***

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    How Toronto got a new library just for comics

    In Episode 119, Justin interviews Rotem Diamant, the president and librarian of the Canada Comics Library—a newly opened space collecting and cataloguing comics in downtown Toronto. Rotem describes how the project got off the ground and how the library works to spotlight marginalized creators.

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    Toronto ComiCon is the friendships you made along the way

    Justin, Jacob and Mitchell reunite for Toronto ComiCon. After three years of covering this convention, they debate how best to keep cons fresh, catch up with creators they've interviewed before, and meet some new ones to watch out for. Featuring interviews with Danny Zabbal, Casey Parsons, Shawn Daley, Megan Huang, Paris Alleyne, Jason Loo and Te'Shawn Dwyer.

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    Jason Lutes on "Berlin," fascism and spending 22 years on one book

    In Episode 117, host Jacob Dubé speaks with comic creator Jason Lutes about Berlin, a huge 800-page epic telling the stories of the citizens of the German capital between the two World Wars. They talk about the 22-year creation of the book and the everyday stories of those experiencing the rise of fascism in their neighbourhoods.

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    Ep 116: All the cartoons I've loved before

    We know your first crush was a cartoon. Don't lie. We've all been there. The shows one watches growing up can have a big effect on them and so can those crushes. Host Justin Chandler is joined by friends of the show Sid Drmay and Maddie Lychek to talk about the drawings they loved and what those early yearnings meant.

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    Ep 113: Creator Series - We talk pretty with Sam Miserendino

    Comics writer Sam Miserendino joins the Creator Series book club, where people who make comics talk about the books that inspired them. Sam's pick, "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by humourist David Sedaris, is a series of essays based on the author's life.

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    Ep 110: Woman World with Aminder Dhaliwal

    In Aminder Dhaliwal's new book Woman World, all the men have died off (spoiler: it doesn't turn out too bad). In this episode, Jacob speaks to Dhaliwal about her book, transitioning the stories from Instagram, and representing identities without making them the butt of every joke.

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