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Radio Free Krypton is the only comics radio show broadcast throughout the multiverse. Hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson interview comic creators and talk comics. Broadcast on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.

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    Ep 75: Lopping heads with Andrew MacLean

    Hosts Mitchell and Jacob talk to Andrew MacLean, the creator of Head Lopper and Apocalyptigirl, some of the most vivid sci-fi and fantasy comics out in a while. We talk about character creation, Moebius, and where Head Lopper is going in the future.

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    Ep 73: Best Comics of 2017

    Join Justin, Jacob (and eventually Mitchell, thanks to a rocket-launcher-based incident) as we discuss our favourite comics of the year— and mention that we stayed away from superhero comics, then immediately started talking about our favourite superhero comics. Honourable mentions include Emmanuelle Chateauneuf's Queen Street, Guy Delisle's hostage, and Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire's After Death.

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    Ep 72: Taking on "The Last Jedi" with Allison O'Toole and Jason Loo

    The newest Star Wars film, "The Last Jedi," is nothing if not noteworthy. To do it justice, RFK reunites the Star Wars panel, featuring comics editor Allison O'Toole (of Chapterhouse and Toronto Comics Press) and "Pitiful Human-Lizard" creator, Jason Loo. Why did this movie upset so many fans? Where do we go from here? And what does Luke's milk drinking mean for the Wookiepedia page on breasts?

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    Ep 70: Revisiting Toronto's Christie Pits Riot with Jamie Michaels

    In 1933, hundreds in Toronto's Jewish community brawled with Nazi sympathizers in the Christie Pits park after a Nazi flag was unveiled following a baseball game. Eighty-four years later, Jamie Michaels of Dirty Water Comics is working to fund a comic about it. He tells Justin, Jacob and Mitchell about the in-depth research it took to put the story together and the relevance of the riots today.

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    Ep 69: Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum with Iris Robin

    Our hosts (and wonderful guest Iris Robin) attempt to dissect Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, an intriguing and mysterious book where Batman is sent into Arkham to stop another one of the Joker's plots, or is it?

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    Ep 68: A League of Our Own with Iris Robin and Michael D'Alimonte

    Radio Free Krypton spent over a year mentally preparing for "Justice League," but it was still too big threat for them to face alone. Special guests Iris Robin and Michael D'Alimonte answer the call to take on the plot holes, lazy writing and poor characterization.

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    Ep 67: Twisted Dark with Neil Gibson

    Jacob goes solo and speaks with Neil Gibson, the author of Twisted Dark, a huge, thrilling, and incredibly organized series of connected stories. We talk about the books, comic TV shows, and some tips on good comic storytelling.

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    Ep 66: Thor Ragnaroks Our Socks Off feat. Christine Chua

    Former Nerd Goddess Christine Chua joins Justin and Jacob to review "Thor: Ragnarok." With self-aware comedy and a Sailor-Moon style villain, "Ragnarok" gets it right. Remember: the real Asgard was the friends you made along the way.

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