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Radio Free Krypton is the only comics radio show broadcast throughout the multiverse. Hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson interview comic creators and talk comics. Broadcast on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.

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    Ep 86: How "Samurai Grandpa" helped Shawn Daley refine his style

    Toronto comic creator Shawn Daley tells Justin and Jacob about Samurai Grandpa, a book he drew and Eastin Deverna wrote. They discuss how Shawn took influence from Dragon Ball, what it's like to work with a writer you've never met in person, and how an artist develops a recognizable style.

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    Ep 84: Pizza tastes better at Toronto ComiCon

    On the rare time where there's a convention in Toronto, we're freed from our shackles in the studio and allowed to go outside. This week, hosts Jacob, Justin and Mitchell hit Toronto ComiCon to catch up with old guests and Swedish Chefs.

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    Ep 83: Inside a Prison Library's Comics Collection

    Hosts Jacob, Justin and Mitchell speak to Jameson Rohrer, a California prison librarian who's been doing popular Twitter call outs for donations about his comic collection, censorship and the comic community's reaction to his asks.

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    Ep 81: Diamond Comic Distributors and the future of comic shops

    Buying monthly comics and comic shops can be hella confusing largely thanks to how comic distribution works. Last week, monopolistic supplier Diamond Comics Distributors announced a big change to how consumers will buy books. Justin and Jacob discuss their experience buying comics different ways.

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