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Radio Free Krypton is the only comics radio show broadcast throughout the multiverse. Hosts Justin Chandler, Jacob Dubé and Mitchell Thompson interview comic creators and talk comics. Broadcast on CJRU 1280 AM in Toronto.

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    Ep 98: Creator Series - "Louis Riel" with Shawn Daley

    For the RFK Creator Series, Toronto artist and writer Shawn Daley joins hosts Justin and Jacob to discuss Louis Riel, Chester Brown's biographical comic on the Métis leader. They also discuss the wonderful feeling of sorrow and emptiness a good book can leave you with.

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    Ep 97: Creator Series-More or Les on Hawkeye

    Hosts Justin and Mitchell join Toronto rapper More or Les to talk about Matt Fraction's take on everyone's sixth or seventh favourite Avenger, Hawkeye. Listen in for insight on the private life of the arrow-slinging superhero as well as some info on More or Les' upcoming musical works.

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    Ep 96: The ever-changing Wonder Woman with Michael D'Alimonte

    She's one of the world's most popular superheroes and she's always changing. Justin and Jacob join journalist and podcaster Michael D'Alimonte to discuss his deep-dive podcast into the history of Wonder Woman, Comics 401.

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    Ep 95: Creator Series-Shane Heron on "Planetary"

    Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's epic Planetary is a genre-hopping love letter to comics and sci-fi. It's also a masterclass example of serialized storytelling. Writer and artist Shane Heron (Morris and Black Hole Hunters Club) joins Justin, Jacob and Mitchell to discuss the comic.

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    Ep 93: We review "Deadpool 2" and ask if Deadpool's even funny

    It seems that for most people, Deadpool 2 hit the mark, but we're not so sure. Justin and friend of the show Ally Enrile discuss what they liked and what they didn't. Then Justin and Mitchell ask what makes a good Deadpool story. When does parody and camp go too far?

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    Ep 90: After "Avengers: Infinity War," we are all Thanos' children

    In terms of scale, Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest comic book movie ever. With 10 years and 18 films to build it up, does it live up to expectation? As your regular hosts lay broken at the feat of Thanos, three heroes—Ally Enrile, Iris Robin and Nathaniel Crouch—step in to save the day and break down the movie.

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